About Us

Welcome to Speckled Fox Soap!

          My soap is made by hand and in small batches to add a personal touch while ensuring my highest level of quality. I use the time-tested technique of the cold process method to make bars of soap for scrubbing away the dirt and grime of the day and leaving the skin soft and clean.

          I have always had sensitive skin and, for most of my life, eczema on my hands and arms. This has made me purposely choose to make my bars out of oils known for their nourishing properties such as Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Castor Oil.

          What started as a simple search to express my creativity and help my skin heal has blossomed into a passion to provide beautiful and useful products. I hope you will give yourself or somebody else the opportunity to try homemade soap!


Thank You!

Kaitlyn Veatch, Owner